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About anoush dsgn

Armenian Alphabet Art with a Twist

Anoush Nicoghosian - anoush dsgn.jpg

Founded by lettering artist Anoush Nicoghosian, anoush dsgn is a one-of-a-kind brand based in Los Angeles, dedicated to Armenian Alphabet Art.

Anoush grew up in the Netherlands (half Armenian, half Dutch), is married and has a son. When Anoush first decided to combine her love for art and the Armenian alphabet, she began with the idea that she could take an ancient script and bring a new & adventurous approach to the table. She called it "Armenian Alphabet Art with a Twist" and it drew the attention of both Armenian and non-Armenian viewers.

As a diaspora artist, her Armenian identity has always been an important part of her life. Known for her hand drawn letter forms & illustrations that highlight the beauty of Armenian letters, her work is often bilingual and is focused on stylized, but visually pleasing lettering art. Her creations reflect how the various languages spoken by Armenians don’t merely coexist, but weave in and out of each other to form the essence of the diaspora.

Additionally, work done by anoush dsgn is fueled by Anoush’s deep appreciation of hand drawn letters and her commitment to preserve the Armenian alphabet by offering high-quality products, from the drawing table to your home.

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